Sep. 2nd, 2015

gwenfrankenstien: Tracy Wright as Vic and Molly Parker as Kat (fictional rock stars)
General likes: Radical AUs (‘what if Batgirl went to Hogwarts?’ ‘What if Jem were set in space?’ etc), size differences, clothes/costume swap, bodyswap, D/s themes (especially if the bigger/tougher/stronger/scarier character is submissive), supernatural themes, medieval/fantasy tropes (/subversions), awkward teenagers, musician AUs, crossovers between mentioned fandoms, poly ships/characters, interspecies romance, characters who don’t know they’re in love/dating but all their friends know, sad human/ghost or human/immortal love stories, time travel (meeting their own future/past self or their partner’s).

I’m always impressed by people who do fannish crafting, so if you want to do that rather than a drawing for an art gift that’s totally cool. I tend to prefer stylized art to photorealism. I’ve been on a Jack Kirby kick this summer, if want to have a Kirbyesque influence (or just draw some Kirby dots) in your art!

If you want to interpret any characters here as trans or nonbinary that's welcome (personally I read Cass Cain as agender and Cassie Sandsmark as a trans girl, but feel free to write or draw either of them without taking that into account). I'm happy to receive fic/art of any rating.

Dislikes: Dub-con, non-con, adult/teen pairings, sexual content with characters under 16, porn with characters under 18, unrequited pining except where indicated, A/B/O, stories all about homophobia/coming out (not that these things can’t exist in your work I’d just prefer them to not be the focus). This is a bit of a weird one but please don't give any characters a pet hamster.

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