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General likes: Radical AUs (‘what if Batgirl went to Hogwarts?’ ‘What if Jem were set in space?’ etc), size differences, clothes/costume swap, bodyswap, D/s themes (especially if the bigger/tougher/stronger/scarier character is submissive), supernatural themes, medieval/fantasy tropes (/subversions), awkward teenagers, musician AUs, crossovers between mentioned fandoms, poly ships/characters, interspecies romance, characters who don’t know they’re in love/dating but all their friends know, sad human/ghost or human/immortal love stories, time travel (meeting their own future/past self or their partner’s).

I’m always impressed by people who do fannish crafting, so if you want to do that rather than a drawing for an art gift that’s totally cool. I tend to prefer stylized art to photorealism. I’ve been on a Jack Kirby kick this summer, if want to have a Kirbyesque influence (or just draw some Kirby dots) in your art!

If you want to interpret any characters here as trans or nonbinary that's welcome (personally I read Cass Cain as agender and Cassie Sandsmark as a trans girl, but feel free to write or draw either of them without taking that into account). I'm happy to receive fic/art of any rating.

Dislikes: Dub-con, non-con, adult/teen pairings, sexual content with characters under 16, porn with characters under 18, unrequited pining except where indicated, A/B/O, stories all about homophobia/coming out (not that these things can’t exist in your work I’d just prefer them to not be the focus). This is a bit of a weird one but please don't give any characters a pet hamster.


I’m enjoying the current series and I’ve read all 300 issues of the original. My favourite canon writers are Ennis and Carey and my favourite canon artists are Ridgeway and Manco, if that inspires you at all. I couldn’t think of a f/f ship with Kit but she is my favourite character, if you’re a writer and you can think of a way to have her as a side character I’d appreciate it.

Georgie/Veronica: As of writing this, we don’t know very much about these characters but I’m intrigued by what we do know. Does Veronica haunt Georgie like Gary haunts John? How did they get into magic? How long had they been friends? Georgie says she loved Veronica— did she tell her that while they were both alive? Did she only realise it when it was too late?

Clarice/Georgie: Honestly I was trying to maximize my possibilities by filling all five slots and this came to me and I couldn’t shake it. They clearly travel in somewhat similar circles. Clarice as Georgie’s mentor/sponsor in the Tate Club? Clarice says that when she first met John she went down on him in a graveyard when he was in his 20s. Did George have a similar experience?

Blythe/Ellie: I’d prefer the two characters to still be from different continuities that share a hell for some reason, bonding over being screwed over one too many times by their respective Constantines. It would be cool if, among their own kind, they’re less human-like in appearance than they are when we see them on Earth.

Gemma/Mercury: Honestly I’m sad we never got to see Mercury grow up. I’d like to see them meet as teens or young adults, to contrast their vastly different upbringings. Maybe Gemma needs a psychic for a working or Merc needs a Constantine but for whatever reason doesn’t want John involved. An AU where Gemma ends up living with Zed and company after her parents die would be VASTLY more interesting than what canon gave us under Milligan, not to mention happier and healthier.

Gemma/Angie: Again, if you are writing, I’d prefer this to be an AU where none of the bad shit that happened to Gemma under Milligan happens. If you’re an artist, feel free to use their designs from that era, though; seeing fat Angie and blonde Gemma being safe and loved and desired would be soothing after reading all of that. I would prefer this to be an AU where John and Angie weren’t screwing. The two of them teaming up to do some magic— maybe rescuing John from whatever mess he’s got himself into? Or just trying to date like normal people, going to a punk show or something. (Whether they encounter something occult at this show is up to you)

(Gemma/Angie/Mercury is also welcome, contrasting their three different styles of magic or having all THREE of them pool together to save John from something or well, whatever you want)


Pre-New 52 please. Some of my favourite superhero artists (who I’m pretty sure between them have drawn most characters here…) are Nicola Scott and Marcus To. I also love very stylized superhero art, like Colleen Coover’s Marvel work or Damion Scott's Batgirl.

Babs/Dinah: Anything cute/domestic, or sexy, but please nothing sad here. Show me their wedding/proposal/hen parties/etc? Show me the moment Dinah realised she was in love (bonus if this is before they’ve met face-to-face) or the moment one or both of them realised this was a Forever thing. I’ve always read this panel [LINK] as meaning Dinah once picked up a cute redhead at a bar and didn’t find out ’til much later that that was Oracle, if you want to give me that story I’d be very happy. This is a good ship for one of my favourite tropes, where all their friends assume they’re dating but they have no idea everybody thinks this.

Cassie/Rose: A classic rivalship! Angry makeouts. Both of them nursing secret crushes that they think are unrequited (bonus if literally everybody else knows about this but they THINK it’s secret). One of them is in danger during a mission and the other drops everything to help even though they supposedly hate each other. AU where Rose is Nightwing while Dick is Batman/Bruce is dead: Dick and Cassie trying to get Rosewing to rejoin the Titans, which she doesn’t want to do.

Cass/Rose: Rose still technically has a hit out on Cass but Cass trusts her completely (or acts like she does) regardless and Rose is confused about why this girl DOESN’T hate her or think she’s evil. Sparring that leads to sex— remember when Cass canonically said that Rose’s body sings? Yeah. Cass and Rose get stuck babysitting Damian together. AU where Rose is Nightwing while Dick is Batman/Bruce is dead: Nightwing/Black Bat teamup adventure! (Steph/Cass/Rose is also welcome!)

Kate/Renee/Helena: Convergence sold me on this one… Either a triad or Renee having two girlfriends is okay with me, but either way I’d like to see more Kate and Helena interaction. They don’t really know one another well, so I guess it’s up to you to shake out what you think that dynamic could be like! Maybe Helena takes Kate and Renee to the Italian restaurant that used to appear in Birds of Prey all the time. Maybe Kate brings two goyishe girls to a family function and scandalises all her older relatives.

Jeannette/Scandal: Some of their shared backstory would be nice to see (I’m no history buff, so don’t worry about keeping things 100% accurate). If you want to set something during or after the series, please don’t erase either of their other relationships. Actually that would be a good jumping on point: Assuming Scandal is having sex with Jeannette as well as with Liana and Kay, how does her relationship with Jeannette differ from her relationship/s with her wives?

Original Work:

Buff Gentle Giantess/Petite Spitfire: I’m okay with this dynamic applied to pretty much any of the other pairings on this list. If you have an idea for this that doesn’t fit with any of the others be my guest though! A ship from the list that I didn’t have room for is “Athlete/Athlete from a different sport”— the two sports I follow are figure skating and women’s hockey, if you’re interested in writing/drawing a big buff sweetheart hockey lady with a tiny delicate angry pairs-skater girlfriend.

Mad Scientist/Monster: I love scenes in monster movies where a character is strapped to an operating table while the mad scientist alters their physiology; it’d be cool to see that sort of scene happen totally consensually. Can the monster pass as human? Does she care? Maybe the scientist resurrected her own dead girlfriend: Does she retain her memories? Maybe the monster isn’t even close to human-shaped— what happens when the scientist introduces her new girlfriend to her family/friends/colleagues?

Ghost/Living Girl: I’m okay with this one being sad, scary, funny, sexy, or some combination. I see that Ghost/Librarian is also in the tag set but I didn’t have room to request both; if you want to make the living protagonist a librarian be my guest! Is the ghost someone the girl knew when she was alive? Or is this a ghost from a totally different era? You could do something bittersweet where, once the ghost is happy enough, she doesn’t need to haunt anything anymore and moves on to her afterlife.

Demon/Exorcist: Twisty manipulation games (preferably with the human winning in the end). Consensual possession where the person being possessed can feel what the demon is doing with their body and willingly gives up control to the demon (either the exorcist is the person being possessed or the demon-and-possessed-person make out with/have sex with the exorcist). If the demon takes a corporeal form, I’d like to to be non-human-looking in some way (HOW monstrous is up to you).

Queen/Knight: Faerie queen/abducted or enchanted human knight is a dynamic I'm quite fond of (this is an exception to the no-dub-con rule). Maybe the knight gets rescued by her human lover but something in her still longs for the queen? I'd also love a human queen with a loyal champion defending her kingdom. Maybe when they met the knight was a green shieldmaiden and the queen was a naive princess, but now they are both middle-aged. I love the power dynamic of swearing fealty to your queen and I love the public display of knights wearing their lady's colours. Maybe our knight has to defend her queen from something, or to defend her honour?


Jeannette/Johanna Constantine: I don’t know very much about Johanna’s era so don’t feel tied down to historical accuracy. Two pretty ladies, involved in shady occult stuff, around at the same time… (I know Jeannette died much earlier but she’s immortal and DRESSES close to Johanna’s era so I figure she must have liked that time.) Whether you want to do a complicated plot where Johanna screws Jeannette out of something or a much less complicated plot where they just screw, it’s up to you.

Nancy Drew/Trixie Belden: The one where Nancy and Trixie meet up in college is a beautiful thing to imagine. Mystery-solving! I know both girls actually appeared earlier, but my mental picture of both of them is in the late fifties and early sixties; feel free to do a modern take if you want though! This is also one that I could accept an unrequited take on; Trixie has always read as super gay to me (she spends a lot of time talking about how beautiful all her friends are) so having canon-aged (young teen) Trixie meet this beautiful older girl who is also an accomplished detective and crushing hard would be super cute.

Sally Melford/Ginny Weasley:
There are enough similarities in their narratives (memory gaps, black magic, dead chickens, your first crush/boyfriend turning out to be evil) that I feel like they would have a lot to talk about/bond over. I’d also kind of like to see them meeting one another’s collection of ridiculous siblings.

Nico/Lori: Teen goth witches!! Honestly I mostly just put this here because I think they’d look cool together, so if you’re an artist you’re in luck because I’ll take anything here! Story ideas: Horror movie date? Magic weirdness throws Lori into the MCU and Nico and friends help her get home, but on the way there’s kisses? The two universes actually both exist at the same time and they’re internet friends both trying and failing to hide their powers from each other? “The only goth kids at Hogwarts” AU???


I’m loving the comics but I am familiar with the cartoon if you’d prefer to work with that or with some combination of canons.

Kimber/Stormer: Cute fluffy comics-verse stuff! Maybe some of their pre-series online interactions? Both of them list “shoe shopping” as a guilty pleasure in their bios, something about that would be cute too! I thought it was really cute that Kimber was wearing lightning bolt earrings and Stormer wearing star earrings, wearing each other’s clothes probably doesn’t work in comics verse because they’re so differently sized/shaped, but I’d love to see more of them wearing clothes in each other’s colours/styles!Alternatively, cartoon-verse stuff dealing with the AFTERMATH of The Bands Break Up would be nice, it’s always bothered me that after that episode happened nobody ever talked about their friendship or their album ever again.

Clash/Blaze: I’d like to see what shenanigans they got up to that lost Blaze her last job. This is a good ship for wacky hinjinks! Just more of Blaze being level-headed while Clash (with or without the Misfits) is…. very much not. How did they meet? How long have they known each other? Which one got into the Misfits first, or maybe they met through music fandom?

Pizzazz/Jem: I don’t see this being a ship that would ever actually work but I 100% believe there is a fucked-up attraction there. Dream sequence? One of them having a secret D/s fantasy? Pizzazz being interested in Jem while Jerrica is interested in her but only as Jerrica?

Jetta/Roxy: I’m happy with this being either like the cartoon (rivalry/hateship) or like the comic, where they seem to get along okay. Comics bios give them as “most likely to throw a punch” and “most likely to get arrested” respectively; give me a date that rapidly turns into a brawl?

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