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I get migraines, so please avoid quick strobe-like cuts. I like vids with lyrics, in English or French. Other than that I’m cool with whatever music speaks to you!


I tend to view Carrie more as a tragedy than as a horror story, so vid leaning in that direction would be preferred. Make me cry, festividder! (I'm being somewhat facetious but honestly, it's not hard to make me cry.) There are so many iconic shots/performances/etc in this film; focus on whatever aspect/s appeal to you! I’m familiar with the book, both of the remakes, and the sequel, if you want to do a meta/multi vid.

Corner Gas:

Just something fun and funny! Ensemble cast, or pick your favourite character/s to focus on— my faves are Davis, Oscar, and Wanda, but I love everybody, so if you want to make a vid about Hank or Emma or whoever, I’ll probably still love it. I don’t like that the movie made Brent/Lacey canon and I would prefer your vid not focus on them in a shippy way, but anything else goes. Music-wise I think a Canadian artist makes the most sense here, but if you have an idea that speaks to you that is from somewhere else please run with it.


The two James Whale films are certainly my favourites in this series but I have a place in my heart for what came after, especially Son and Ghost. There’s a lot of angles you could take with this one and I would honestly love them all. Something about the act of creation? Something about monstrousness and societal rejection? Something about how cool mad science equipment looks?

Hard Core Logo:

A shippy vid is probably the obvious choice here. I’ve always leaned towards Joe as a POV character but that doesn’t mean you have to— I would love a vid that explored Billy and made him make more sense to me. Alternatively, I’d love a vid about the unreliable narrator/constructed documentary aspects of the film, if you can find a way to make that work. Again, I’m familiar with HCL 2 if you want to pull in elements from that but it’s by no means necessary.

Jem and the Holograms (comics):

I’m typically more of a Misfits fan than a Holograms fan, but the comic has done such a good job at defining each character that I’d be happy with either (or both!) band as the focus of your vid. My favourite thing about the comic is Victoria Robado’s incredible colour work, but Sophie Campbell’s designs are a very close second; this is just such a visually appealing comic that I think it would make excellent vid fodder. Musically, I think a female vocalist makes the most sense here but genre is up to you.

Monster Factory:

This is a pretty recent discovery for me but it got me through a rough depressive episode in September. There’s a lot of fun visuals here, especially in episodes where they get into cheat codes and stuff. I love watching them create something intentionally unlovable and then proceed to love it and make the viewers love it. My favourite episodes are the Fallout 4/Final Pam saga, Mass Effect, and the final Second Life. Honestly there’s enough material to probably make a Final Pam vid without even getting into the rest of the series, and I would absolutely love that!

Space Cases:

Baby Gwen imprinted HARD on this one. I’m due for a rematch— it’s been a couple years— but this show will forever own a large piece of my heart. I was about to start listing favourite characters and realized that the list included… Every character. So uh. If you’re comfortable vidding with low-quality source footage, pretty much anything you do will be welcome!

Velvet Goldmine:

This film obviously feels that aesthetics are important, so something focusing on that aspect would be interesting. I’m also fascinated by the multiple narrators, if you could find a way to make that come through in a vid. I love Mandy as a character and would love a vid about her, but that’s not to say that I wouldn’t also love a vid about any or all of the male characters! Period/genre-appropriate music is appreciated but not necessary.


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