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General: Any rating is fine for adult characters but please don't make anything sexual with characters under 16 or explicit with characters under 18. No non-con. Minimal violence in kids' cartoon fandoms. Thanks for making me something! Some prompts are more specific/detailed than others; it doesn't mean I like those fandoms more, I'll be happy to get anything for any of these requests!

DC Super Hero Girls:

I got into superheroes at a time where DC made it extremely clear that they didn’t want my Icky Girl Money, so the fact that this series/toyline exists at all is just such a source of joy. I love these girls and this world so much, I’m sure I will love whatever you make! Feel free to put background cameos from your favourite more obscure DC characters, that’s something I love about this canon. F/F shippy stuff is welcome (Babs/Kara, Babs/Karen, Karen/Diana, Kory/M’gann) but please keep it PG. Other than that, I’d be happy with anything that’s in keeping with the tone of the series!

DCU (Comics):

Batgirls: Oracle!Babs please. I would prefer pre-Flashpoint versions of Cass and Steph as well, but I have been reading and enjoying Detective lately so if you want to write or draw their current iterations meeting Oracle I certainly won’t object! I'd love to see the three of them work a case where their different strengths (Babs' planning or research skills, Cass' fighting ability but also her empathy, Steph's determination and people skills) are all essential to solving the mystery/saving a person/etc.

Babs: I miss Oracle so much and would love any fic or art about her, especially Babs/Dinah shippy stuff and anything where she’s allowed to be kind of terrifying. I’m sad that canon never gave us an Oracle and Red Hood team up, if that interests you at all. I’d also be interested in exploring Babs in a mentoring role (with Cass, Steph, Charlie and/or Wendy) and the ways she isn’t always good at it.

Steph: My favourite Steph is Robin but I love her in all three of her identities if Robin doesn’t particularly interest you! I’d like to see a Batgirl Steph that incorporated some of the anger you see in her pre-death appearances; a pre-death Steph haunted by Jason’s ghost; or more Steph and Cass team-up adventures (shippy or gen) in any of their various identities.

Cass: I’d like to see Cass actually learn to read, whether taught by Steph, Babs, Helena, or someone else; her and Damian bonding over their similarly awful childhood experiences; Cass taking over after Bruce dies or retires; art of Cass dancing, in or out of costume; Steph/Cass or Cass/Rose Wilson. If you are an artist, I would prefer you not draw Orphan Cass, I just don’t like that costume design very much.

Renee/Daria: I would love to see Renee and Daria’s reunion once Renee is the Question. I never felt like I got a satisfactory conclusion on that— I’m sure they probably can’t come back from everything as a couple but I’d like to see them at least be friends. Similarly, I’d like to see how their relationship started— In Elegy, Kate and Renee go on a date to Daria’s restaurant. Is that how/when they met? Or, you know, just a fluffy day in their lives when things were good.

Renee: I would also be interested in Renee and Dick!Batman friendship; Renee and Cris casefic; a Question-Two Face team up that takes their history into account; Renee interacting with more fantastical and science fictional DCU characters like Wonder Woman or Starfire; Renee/Babs or Renee/Helena.

Crimson Peak:

I think art that feels like an illustration from the period the film is set would be really interesting. Maybe run with the butterfly/moth motif/s? I think black-and-white or limited-palette would work for the atmosphere of the film. Crimson Peak’s character/costume designs are incredible and seem like they’d be a lot of fun to illustrate. I’m sure whatever you want to draw will be cool!


I missed out on nominations because I lost track of time, so I'm not the person who nominated Frankie and Diana, but if you are: wow I love you. They both serve the same narrative role in their respective series and are two of my favourites so it'd be totally cool to see them hanging out! I'm cool with gen or light f/f for this one. For Sally and Emily I'd prefer it to be shippy (the most obvious direction is 'draw me their wedding' but I feel like you could also do something interesting with their detachable limbs?), whether in something approximating the canon art style or not is up to you.


Human and changeling: How long have they been living with each other's families when they meet (or have they always known one another and met secretly under the full moon or something)? What does the human family think? (Bonus points if the human family considers both their biological kid and the kid they raised to be their family regardless of species and upbringing.) "One of the two returns to her homeworld and the other resents this new 'sister', who she assumes will be able to effortlessly fit in" is a good narrative hook for this one. Modern, historical fantasy, or secondary world fantasy settings are all good.

Mad scientist, Mad scientist and monstrous creation: I've drawn for this prompt in a previous exchange, if you would like to expand on those characters! I'm interested in mad scientist & monster stories that explore questions of humanity and responsibility. If the monster and creator have a romantic relationship, how could the inherent power imbalance there be mitigated? If the creator assumes a parental role, how do they go about educating and socialising their creation? If you signed up for 'mad scientist' without the monster, I think there's totally room for non-biology mad science. What does a mad geologist look like? A mad astronomer?

Queen and Knight: Again, I have drawn for this prompt before, which someone else expanded upon in prose, if you would like to add more to that existing world that would be cool. Otherwise/in general, I like the idea of a queen and knight who have known one another for decades and grown into their power at each other's side. Maybe some external force is dividing the knight's loyalty and they find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict for the first time. Maybe some external force is trying to divide them but their bond is too strong and they unite against the enemy. I would prefer this one to be romantic but if that means writing/drawing yearning without a physical relationship that's good too.

Knight: If you're drawing, armour and hair that make sense for combat is important. If you're writing, it would be nice to have a Lady Knight story set in a world where nobody thinks it's weird for a woman to be a knight, I'm getting sick of everyone always importing real-world sexism into their secondary world fantasy. A big part of the appeal of fictional knighthood is the idea of loyalty; if you're not interested in writing about loyalty to a monarch (which I understand, I'm pretty burned out on the Divine Right Of Kings in fantasy myself) loyalty to a set of ideals or to protecting a group of people would be interesting to explore.

Revolutionary: Remember how I said I was sick of the Divine Right Of Kings in fantasy settings? Show me the woman dedicated to overthrowing her fantasy monarchy or steampunk empire. Or tell me how the fictional nation starts to rebuild itself after deposing the previous government. I'm not particularly interested in any one real-world historical revolution but if you want to take inspiration from one that you're familiar with, in a fantasy or SF direction, that's cool.

Ghost: I would rather a Sad Ghost Story than a Scary Ghost Story, although obviously many stories do contain elements of both. If the ghost is haunting their family home, what do they think of the current inhabitants? Do they interact with their great great grandchildren, or the nonrelatives that own the house now, or just watch? What about a ghost that haunts a public place? I'd love to see a library/bookstore ghost or an art gallery ghost.


I miss Terry so much and I've read most of the canon, so it's up to fandom to give me more of what I love. I'm excited to see pretty much any fanworks about these particular characters. If you signed up with both the Witches and the Watch, I'd love if you could write or draw them all interacting with each other, whether in the city or in Lancre. If not, like I said, do whatever you want and I'm sure I will love it.
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