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No strobe-y quick cuts please, they can be a migraine trigger for me. I prefer vids with lyrics I can understand (so, in English or French) but I have no genre preference, I'm sure I will love whatever you come up with! Characters and ships listed here may not be identical to those on the sign-up, some of them were not pre-existing tags so the form wouldn't let me include them.

Hard Core Logo:
Characters and ships: Bruce McDonald; Billy Tallent; Joe Dick/Billy Tallent

I'd be really interested in a Bruce-focused vid about the unreliable narrator/documentary ethics-type themes of the film, because that's a take on the film that I haven't seen fandom explore very much and it's something that fascinates me. (Incorporating HCL2 in this one is not necessary but welcome.) I'd also love a Joe/Billy vid that focuses more on Billy's POV, because Joe is the character I've always gravitated towards and understood most easily, so I'd love to have a Billy vid that challenges that perspective!

Characters and ships: Lola Perry; Danny Lawrence; Carmilla/Laura/Danny; Carmilla/Danny; Perry/LaFontaine

I don't really know exactly what I want from this fandom so I've just listed some of my favourite ships and characters. You'll note that the main ship of the series isn't there-- I'm not opposed to a Carmilla x Laura vid if that's what you care about most in this fandom! I just personally find non-canon pairings more interesting 90% of the time.

Adventures In Wonderland:
Characters and ships: White Rabbit; Mad Hatter; Red Queen; Red Queen & White Rabbit; Mad Hatter/March Hare

Anyone remember this show? Most of what I remembered about it was that the White Rabbit wore roller skates, until a couple years ago I looked it up on youtube and re-discovered how charming it is. I would love pretty much anything based on this show except a Cheshire Cat focus, since he scared me as a kid, but I've listed my particular favourites above. PS. I bet even if you do remember this show you probably don't remember that the Mad Hatter and the March Hare are basically married. I certainly didn't.

Horror of Dracula

This is a weird choice for 'based on books' because honestly what I love most about this movie is how thoroughly it does away with the book canon and goes off on its own wild adventure. I don't have any particular character requests, I'm happy to receive anything based on this film (but that said, my favourite character in every Dracula is always Lucy).

Frankenstein Series

Mostly here for the themes around the nature of humanity/whether the creature was Created Evil or is capable of free choices/etc. I'm primarily familiar with the James Whale films but I'm open to vids using any and all films in the series!

Poe Series

My particular favourites are Masque of the Red Death and House of Usher, but again, feel free to use any film/combination of films that speaks to you! Just give me one or many Vincent Prices being horrible and tragic and compelling and uncomfortably attractive and I'll be happy.


This movie is gorgeous and incredibly well-made and I think would lend itself very well to a vid. I'd like to see something that starts light and fun and builds the horror of the Other Mother's word slowly. I'm still a little annoyed at the film for introducing a boy to be her friend/foil when the book was just about a girl on her own, so I'd prefer minimal focus on Wybie, please.

James and the Giant Peach

Honestly, I haven't seen this film in years, so I have no specific requests. This movie was one I really loved as a kid, there's probably nothing you can do with this source that I wouldn't be delighted by.


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