Aug. 30th, 2016

gwenfrankenstien: Bette and Rose from the Wolf House series (bette and rose)

Yes Please:
Characters drawn with distinctive body shapes/facial features. Costume-swap/wearing your girlfriend’s clothes. Bodyswap, especially with characters from different species or with vastly different powersets. Fic where everyone around our ship already thinks they’re dating and they are the last to find out. Bondage & D/s themes, especially if the bigger/tougher/stronger/scarier character is submissive. Rivals-to-lovers. Bright colours for superhero stuff, deep blacks/heavy inks in horror and fantasy stuff. Supernatural themes. Awkward teenagers. Musician AUs. Crossovers between requested fandoms. Sad human x ghost or human x immortal love stories. Time travel (meeting their own past/future self or their partner’s). Athletic and superheroic characters drawn with muscle definition.

I tend to prefer stylized art to photorealism. I’m always impressed by people who do fannish crafting, so if you want to do that instead of drawing for an art gift that’s absolutely welcome!

If you want to interpret any characters here as trans or non binary that’s welcome (personally I read Cass Cain as agender and Cassie Sandsmark as a trans girl, but feel free to write or draw either of them without taking that into account). I’m happy to receive fic or art of any rating (see letter for some exceptions).

No Thanks:
Nothing sexual with characters under 16, nothing explicit with characters under 18. No dub/non con. No unrequited pining except where indicated. No A/B/O. No stories where homophobia is the focus. This is a bit of a weird one but please don’t give any character a pet hamster.

I’m just spitballing out ideas here, pick any that seem interesting to you or do your own thing, no need to try and fit in everything, I just have a lot to say!

Fandoms: Original Works, Hellblazer, DCU, Bombshells, Super Hero Girls, Crossovers )


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