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Favourite Team

Okay, uh, I've narrowed it down to three. But I want to say first that I also love the JLI (how much do I love the JLI? SO MUCH) and the turn-of-the-millennium Adjectiveless Titans team, and Winick's Outsiders, and and and...)

First, and most obvious: BIRDS OF PREY.

God, the amount I love the BoP cannot actually be expressed in words. I love that they aren't friends at first, that first Babs and later Helena try their hardest to distance themselves, but it doesn't work. I love that all of the main Birds are motivated by compassion, but it comes out in totally different ways. I love that they talk about food and go shopping and do normal human things. I love that there are hugs. I love that three broken second-stringers are now three of the scariest and most dangerous people in the world. I love that Dinah has Shiva training, but doesn't ever use it to kill; I love that Helena is angry and violent... and great with kids; I love everything about Babs (as we've already covered). I love Zinda and Shiva and Savant and Creote and Misfit. I love the Dixon stories with the gunrunners and the dinosaurs and going years without ever meeting face-to-face. I love Gail's run, where they beat sentient robot cancer with the power of love, took down Spy Smasher, got Savant working for them, and still had time for seafood and pasta. Babs, Dinah, and Helena (and Zinda, and Charlie) are my girls, and I am so, so glad they're getting the band back together, you have no idea.

Second, relatively recent obsession: Secret Six.

I will admit, I hadn't read Villains United (I was avoiding that whole crossover) and I'd only skimmed the miniseries when the Six showed up in BoP. But just from that crossover story, I was hooked. I am a sucker for teams-that-are-really-families, and no matter how much they'd deny it, the Six definitely are that. I love that they aren't all even friends, not in a way recognisable to normal humans. I love how Bane has adopted Scandal, and I love Catman and Deadshot's weird bromance thing, and I love how all of them really did try to help Black Alice, in their own ways. I miss Knockout so, so much but I love Jeannette to pieces, which almost makes it okay, and I pretty much ship all the pairings. I love how often they screw up, how they never seem to really make any money. I love that this book will have one issue about hijacking and ice cream truck to drive to Vegas and then turn around and have Junior, or the recent Catman story. I love all these ridiculous sociopathic murderers and the dynamics between them and the fact that actually, there have been at least twice as many members on the team as the name implies.

Third, old favourite: Young Justice.

I have Original-Flavour S_D to thank for this. One of the first comics I really got into (and it is fucking hard to find back issues for, it's been what, five years, and I've probably got about a quarter of the series or something). I love that they weren't the Titans. I love that they were kids, and had fun, and had stupid teenage drama, and adventures that hinged on bad puns. I love that there was the occasional serious story about growing up that got snuck in. I love that there were as many girls as boys on the team, and that when they needed a new leader the characters (and the fans!) elected Cassie. I love everything about Cissie's story, and while it was pretty heavy-handed I love Greta's story too. I love Anita, even if I think her character is full of wasted potential. I love Kon more than I will ever be able to love Geoff Johns' Conner. I love Impulse, full stop. I love Tim hiding in the shadows, not telling them his real name until he has to, generally being his creepy self. I love Sins Of Youth. I love Wendy The Werewolf Stalker. I love Mr. Sarcastic. I love watching them all become friends and learn about each other and, well, grow up a little over the course of the series.
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