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Favourite Enmity/Rivalry

Oh, this one's easy. Have the scans all saved and uploaded he everything. (Lots of scans, sorry if anyone reading this is on a slow connection.)

So in about BoP 100, this woman showed up, with terrifying government connections:

And she drew incredibly Freudian doodles to express how much she wanted to destroy Oracle:

Which she set out to do by using Babs' own best weapons against her.

Namely, identity porn:

And slightly terrifying phonesex banter:

By this point, everyone's wondering, "Who is this Spy Smasher woman?!"

Well. They used to be friends.:

Flashback time! (How adorable is nerdy teenager Babs?)

In Scrapbook this is titled "Nakedly aggressive competition. Emphasis on the 'naked'." Because I am the classiest.

Look at theeeeemm:

Yeah. They were "friends." The kind of friends who share a bed.

Back in the present day, Kat isn't desperate. She's determined to go all the way.

Zinda is unimpressed:

Make that really unimpressed:

They make it back to Babs' HQ just in time for a little hand-to-hand combat:

Seriously, Kat, hair-pulling? How old are we today?

But of course, Babs is triumphant. It's her book, after all.

Then I think (I haven't saved those scans for some reason) Kat pulls a gun on her. But, of course, if anyone has backup it's Oracle, and there is a gorgeous three-page spread of all her allies. The third part of which is...


Who is not happy with this woman messing with her girlfriend, let me tell you:

Really not happy:

Babs has a type. Blonde and terrifying. (See also: Power Girl)

And thus, the status quo is restored.

The end!


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