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Yes Please:
Characters drawn with distinctive body shapes/facial features. Costume-swap/wearing your girlfriend’s clothes. Bodyswap, especially with characters from different species or with vastly different powersets. Fic where everyone around our ship already thinks they’re dating and they are the last to find out. Bondage & D/s themes, especially if the bigger/tougher/stronger/scarier character is submissive. Rivals-to-lovers. Bright colours for superhero stuff, deep blacks/heavy inks in horror and fantasy stuff. Supernatural themes. Awkward teenagers. Musician AUs. Crossovers between requested fandoms. Sad human x ghost or human x immortal love stories. Time travel (meeting their own past/future self or their partner’s). Athletic and superheroic characters drawn with muscle definition.

I tend to prefer stylized art to photorealism. I’m always impressed by people who do fannish crafting, so if you want to do that instead of drawing for an art gift that’s absolutely welcome!

If you want to interpret any characters here as trans or non binary that’s welcome (personally I read Cass Cain as agender and Cassie Sandsmark as a trans girl, but feel free to write or draw either of them without taking that into account). I’m happy to receive fic or art of any rating (see letter for some exceptions).

No Thanks:
Nothing sexual with characters under 16, nothing explicit with characters under 18. No dub/non con. No unrequited pining except where indicated. No A/B/O. No stories where homophobia is the focus. This is a bit of a weird one but please don’t give any character a pet hamster.

I’m just spitballing out ideas here, pick any that seem interesting to you or do your own thing, no need to try and fit in everything, I just have a lot to say!

Original Works:

Feel free to use any of these as AU prompts for fandom characters!

Athlete/Rival Athlete: My two sports of choice are figure skating and women’s hockey, but many of the hockey prompts can probably fit to your own team sport if you know nothing about either of these! I honestly don’t know that much about hockey for a Canadian so you could get away with making stuff up there.

Figure skating: Something about how the intensity of rivalries gets played up by the media when the characters are initially friends off-ice, driving a wedge into their friendship/budding relationship? Two girls who train on opposite sides of the world/country/continent spending their whole time obsessing over what the other one is probably doing? Friendly rivals who train at the same rink and have a game where if one beats the other in competition the loser has to do whatever she says? Hugging a competitor/secret crush as they both accept their medals but then instead of the customary hug one kisses the other? Honestly run with this one in any direction you want. If you’re an artist, try looking up Akiko Suzuki and Mirai Nagasu for skating costume inspiration!

Hockey: Canadian hockey player x American hockey player. These two teams have such and intense and often violent rivalry but then many of them play on the same teams outside of international hockey or are otherwise somewhat friendly. What if two women were dating before they got named to the national teams? How might they balance that tension? Alternately, since US/CAN games seem to devolve into all-out brawls more than any other women’s hockey I’ve ever seen, run with that. Give me fight aftermath— game’s over and they’re at home tending to/comparing bruises that they know their own teammates— maybe even they themselves put there.

Athlete/Athlete in a different sport: Again, my two preferred sports are figure skating and hockey. I just really like the idea of a tiny, delicate-looking pairs skater having a big buff hockey player girlfriend. One of them getting really nervous whenever the other competes. Trying to understand the other’s sport and being a very excited and supportive spectator even if they don’t understand what’s going on. Pairs girl and her partner teaching hockey girl some basic pairs tricks, Battle Of The Blades style. Maybe these women were childhood friends in the same learn-to-skate class? Maybe they’ve never met before and an Olympic Village hookup turns into something more?

Frontwoman/Bandmate: Music genre of your choice! If you’re drawing, I’d recommend going for something with a big visual punch, glam/goth/punk type stuff, but in writing, anything goes. Frontwoman slowly realising all her friend’s sappy lyrics are about her? On-stage kisses that leave their fans and the media debating whether they’re Really together or if it’s part of the act? The women THEMSELVES negotiating their on and off stage romances?

Retired Superheroine/Rookie Superheroine: This is such an interesting dynamic, A+ to whoever nominated it! Gruff, jaded, scarred retired heroine who can’t help but fall for this stubborn, bright, idealistic girl who reminds her that they still can do some good in this world. Maybe the younger heroine idolized the older growing up and is trying to convince her to come out of retirement? Maybe it’s a Batman Beyond type situation where the older heroine is mentoring and leading from behind the scenes? If your retired hero is retired because of injury/disability I would rather this not get magically/unrealistically healed in the story. Rookie superheroine should be a young adult rather than a teen please.

Fairy Knight/Human: My child and teen self devoured every Tam Lin retelling she could get her hands on, modern settings and medieval/renaissance settings alike. I’m easy to please in this department. I’d be interested in one of them freeing the other from a fairy queen’s thrall; a fairy knight showing up out of nowhere and pledging her loyalty to a modern-day woman who doesn’t believe in magic; the human woman visibly aging while her partner stays the same and the fairy being somewhat in awe of the aging process; size/height differences (whether this means big buff knight + non muscular human or tall thin elf knight + short round human or like, small pixie sized elf + average human woman); fairies that think very differently to humans especially when it comes to things like ‘processing emotions’.

Queen/Knight: I love the power dynamic of swearing fealty to your queen and I love the public display of knights wearing their lady’s colours. Maybe our knight has to defend her queen from something, or fight to defend her honour? Maybe they’re an older queen and knight who have been through wars and uprisings and failed royal marriages and stayed by one another’s side? A classic ‘courtly love’ situation where the knight spends most of her time questing and pining until she can’t stand it any longer and has to go home and see her queen? A queen who has been on the throne for years and the zealous young champion who catches her eye? If you would like to draw/write about my Queen/Knight OCs from last year’s exchange please do!

This was the first comic I ever fell in love with. I’ve read the entire original series and the Doyle/Tynion/Rossmo series that just ended, but I’m not very familiar with Justice League Dark or the New 52 Constantine series, so please don’t do anything that relies on details from those series (I don’t think any of the women I’ve nominated are even in those books?) As of writing this letter I’m cautiously optimistic about the Rebirth book but, well, there’s only been two issues and things could go very downhill, so don’t feel obligated to run with anything that occurs in that series!


Clarice/Georgiana: I accidentally convinced myself of this ship during nominations last year and I love it. They clearly travel in similar circles. Clarice as Georgie’s mentor and guide as she works her way into those circles? Georgie looking to Clarice as an idea of what her future might look like, whether as an aspiration or a warning? Clarice says in canon that she went down on John in a graveyard when they first met. Did Georgie have a similar experience?

Veronica/Georgiana: I just want to know more about what their life together was like before John came in and ruined it. How did they get into magic? Did they discover it together, or meet because of it? I know Hellblazer is exactly the wrong fandom to want happy endings in, but I would also love an alternate ending where Veronica gets to stay with her girlfriend, in her monster form or as a ghost. (Background tragic mostly-unrequited Gary/John highly encouraged.)

Johanna/Ellie: I like the idea, which I haven’t really seen explored very much, that John’s immortal acquaintances probably have known generations of Constantines. What was Ellie up to in Johanna’s time? I’d like to see the same kind of slippery complicated friend-lover-ally-enemy-depending-on-the-day relationship that John and Ellie have. Artists, feel free to play with Ellie’s design to make her more obviously demonic/monstrous!

Gemma/Mercury: Writers, please ignore basically everything that happened to Gemma during Peter Milligan’s run. Artists, feel free to use the design from that run, though— I’d love to see blonde Gemma happy and loved. I’d love to see… Gemma grow up happy and loved, in general. It’s nice to finally see grown up Mercury in Rebirth but don’t feel tethered to the design or characterization from that series if you have your own ideas for how she ended up! I’d love for Gemma and Mercury to meet as teens or young adults, to contrast their vastly different upbringings (figuring out she likes girls was probably a lot more traumatic for Gemma than for Merc). Maybe Gemma needs a psychic for a working or Merc needs the Constantine bloodline but for whatever reason doesn’t want John involved.

Gemma/Mercury/Angie: Again, writers, please ignore Peter Milligan’s run, artists, feel free to use blonde Gemma and fat Angie and give them a better deal. The idea of three witches in love has a lot of symbolic power. Maybe Mercury has taken over as leader of Zed’s commune and invites the other two to stay? Maybe the three of them have to work together to save John (or Cheryl, or Marj, or whoever) from something? I would prefer this to be a slight AU where John and Angie weren’t fucking, or at least, don’t mention that.


I only recently started reading DC superhero books again after drifting away from the fandom when the new 52 hit. I'm reading Rebirth Detective Comics and Wonder Woman (and a few others less relevant to this exchange) so if you want to write/draw something based on current continuity I won't be lost!

Anita/Cissie: Canon timeline slow burn where Anita has had a crush on Cissie for years and Cissie slowly and gradually realizes she feels the same way (let’s be honest here this is basically their canon dynamic. Give me their canon dynamic but with on-page kissing.) Post-series fluffy domesticity, like birthday/holiday dinners in the Fite-Maad-King-Jones household. Anita sneaking in to Cissie’s school dorm room Traya (or Cassie and Traya) helping hide her from their teachers. Future fic where they lose touch and reconnect as adults (whether Anita is still a superhero is up to you; Cissie should definitely stay retired but could be involved in law enforcement in a non-vigilante capacity if you want.)

Babs/Dinah: Pre-new 52 please! I’d be equally happy with fluffy domesticity, casefic with romantic elements, or porn here. Or any combination. Please nothing sad here, I spend enough of my life sad about Oracle. Show me their wedding/proposal/bachelorette parties/etc? The moment Dinah realized she was in love (bonus if this is before they’ve met face to face) or the moment one or both of them realized this was a Forever thing? The time Dinah picked up a cute redhead at a bar and didn’t realize for months that that was Oracle? There’s a lot of D/s and exhibitionist/voyeur potential in their dynamic especially in the Chuck Dixon run if you want to run with any of that. If your story is a ‘what if the New 52 hadn’t happened’ style continuation of where these characters left off, Helena/Renee is my favourite ship I didn’t have room for and would be an excellent background ship.

Cass/Rose: Pre-new 52 please! I’d love a story where Rose still technically has a hit out on Cass but Cass trusts her completely and Rose is confused about why this girl DOESN’T hate her or think she’s evil. Fic or art where they get stuck babysitting Damian together. Sparring that leads to sex— remember when Cass canonically said that Rose’s body ~~sings? Yeah. I’d love them to bond over their similar family situations. I’m really into the idea of an AU where Dick passes the Nightwing name on to Rose while he’s Batman, if you want to write or draw Nightwing!Rose x Black Bat!Cass (Steph/Cass/Rose is also welcome.)

Cassie/Rose: Pre-new 52 please! Angry makeouts. Both of them nursing secret crushes that they think are unrequited (bonus if literally everyone else knows about this but they THINK it’s secret). One of them gets hurt or is in danger during a mission and the other drops everything to help them even though they supposedly hate each other. Age them up a tiny bit and let Cassie have some fun tying Rose up with her magic lasso. In the aforementioned Nightwing!Rose AU, Cassie trying to persuade Rose to rejoin the titans, which she doesn’t want to do. Cassie/Rose in combination with Cissie/Anita: Cassie talking about Rose to her old friends or introducing her to them.

Diana/Kate: I haven’t read their teamup from the New 52 Batwoman series so please don’t reference details from it! Artists, I love Dianas with strong noses and curly hair (think more Nicola Scott than Terry Dodson) and I’m really into Kate’s current haircut in Detective Comics. I’d love fic or art where Diana takes Kate home to meet her family! For a character who was banned from fighting because she loves women to visit this entire nation of warrior women would be a bit of a culture shock.

Steph/Cass: Pre-new 52 preferred but Rebirth is okay too! I love any and all art of Robin!Steph and Batgirl!Cass. I wish Batgirl!Steph and Black Bat!Cass had… Interacted basically ever, so I would also love fic or art set in that era (when, imo, they were probably both 18-21). I’d love for Steph to actually try to teach Cass to read, or to help her find someone who could. Steph is such a chatty character and Cass is… not…, I like the idea of Steph trying to stay quiet while Cass teases her. I also love the idea of Cass mirroring Steph’s body language, either consciously or unconsciously. Mentioning Steph’s death/‘death’ in stories set after her return is encouraged, but Cass’s brief evil/on drugs period is best ignored. (See above re: Steph/Cass/Rose)


I read the print comics, so if you read the series digitally you might be a bit ahead of me! Please try to avoid major spoilers. Feel free to include your personal favourite DC ladies that haven’t shown up in this timeline yet as background/secondary characters, exploring what different people are up to/how main-continuity stories translate in this AU is one of my favourite things about Bombshells. My other being, just the sheer VOLUME of canon or plausibly-future-canon f/f ships. Literally every woman or girl in this series could have a girlfriend. If your favourite ship is one we didn’t match on or one that isn’t in the tagset feel free to include them as a background pairing!

I don’t have any specific ship prompts for this one. Just keep in the feel of the canon— beautiful badass girls beating up Nazis and then making out— or give me something sexier than the comic is allowed to get away with. I would prefer Kate and Renee not to get back together in the current timeline of the story but I would love fic or art of their past relationship.

ETA: I just read the annual! Batgirl/Ravager/Enchantress appeared too late to be nominated but holy shit. Please write/draw that if you want.


Super Hero Girls:
No porn, minimal angst, please. Cute fluffy friends-to-lovers stuff. First dates. Agonizing over crushes that turn out to not be unrequited after all (Would prefer this to be ‘I don’t know if she likes me’ rather than ‘I don’t know if she likes girls’). Ivy is my favourite character but I don’t really have any ships for her as of writing this (could easily be convinced of Harley/Ivy though) so if your work needs a supporting character/plant-based deus ex machina I’d love to see her!

Not sure about specific ship prompts for this one either. Dates or school dances interrupted by supervillains? Characters from different cultures and planets sharing their holidays, foods, and traditions? (Note that Harley is a canon Jewish character, please no ‘Harley teaches Diana about Christmas’ stuff.)



Bumblebee (Superhero Girls)/Wasp (Avengers Academy): These two canons have such similar premises that a crossover seems almost inevitable, and two of my favourites happen to have basically the same powersets. I like the idea of DC and Marvel characters somehow being able to be online friends— maybe Jan and Karen met online or maybe they meet during a dimensional rift or whatever but are able to still communicate online after? Jan’s interest in fashion makes this a good ship for the ‘characters wearing each other’s clothes’ thing. Maybe Karen is stuck at Avengers Academy with only her supersuit and has to borrow casual clothes/clubwear from Jan? Artists, these two have my favourite designs in their respective canons, so honestly, sticking with something stylistically similar to their canons but with kissing/other romantic interactions would be lovely. No porn here please.

Carmilla/Madeleine Usher: The last time I watched Roger Corman’s House of Usher I was struck by how interesting it would be for Madeleine to have a lover who could promise her immortality, since so much of her anxiety seems to be about the inevitability of her own early death. I really don’t like her canon relationship with Phillip, I feel like he just ignores her illness because it’s personally inconvenient to him; as a person with chronic migraines I kind of relate to the Ushers. I feel like there has to be a third option between ‘buries her alive’ and ‘ignores all her problems’, and maybe the third option is lesbian vampires? I am familiar with the Carmilla webseries but I would prefer this to be set in a nebulous pseudovictorian gothic timeline than a modern one. Artists, I love the midcentury gothic aesthetic with detailed vaguely period costumes and 1950s-1960s hair and makeup; think Hammer Horror and Corman’s Poe cycle; I also think this one might be suited to black-and-white art or a limited palette, maybe with some rich deep reds.

Nancy Drew/Trixie Belden: I know both girls actually appeared earlier but my mental image of them is always firmly in the late fifties/early sixties and I would prefer art to reflect that midcentury aesthetic. Writers feel free to do a modern take though! This is one that I would accept an unrequited take on; Trixie has always read as super gay to me (she spends a lot of time talking about how beautiful her friends are) so having a canon-aged Trixie meet this beautiful older girl who is also an accomplished detective and develop a huge crush would be super cute. I’d also be here for older teen or young adult Trixie and Nancy meeting, in college or on a case or both, and slowly falling in love. Trixie/Honey was Baby’s First OTP for me, so if you want to do Nancy/Trixie/Honey that’d be cool too.

Sally Melford/Ginny Weasley: There are enough similar themes in their narratives (memory gaps, black magic, dead chickens, your first crush/boyfriend turning out to be evil) that I feel like they would have a lot to talk about and bond over. I’d also kind of like to see them meet each other’s assortment of ridiculous siblings. This one is a pretty niche crossover so honestly, if you take me up on this one I will probably love whatever you do.

Eliza Schuyler/Johanna Constantine: They both lived very long lives, at almost exactly the same time (Eliza was born in 1757 and died in 1854; Johanna 1760-1859). I feel like ‘conning wealthy politicians who think of themselves as important magicians out of their fortunes and then donating those fortunes to an orphanage’ is a very Constantine thing to do and I’m sure Eliza would appreciate the help. Alternatively, what if the real reason a lot of Eliza’s correspondence is missing from the historical record is that it was full of references to secret magic? Writers, I’d like to see their paths cross multiple times over the course of their lives, with Johanna in her 70s or 80s and finally ready to settle down spending the remainder of her life with Eliza. Artists, I just think Phillipa Soo is super pretty and I love all of her costumes in the show; pick your favourite and draw Johanna in clothes of the same era.


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