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I only filled out half of the optional details before sign ups closed, whoops, so some of this is pasted from my sign up and some is new.

General DNW: Non con, explicit works ft. underage characters

General art likes: Stylised designs, strong or detailed inks, collage effects, limited colour palettes especially mostly-dark/dull works with accents in a bright colour, characters with visually distinct silhouettes/body types, lovingly-rendered hair or clothes, characters dressed as one another or wearing their partner's clothes, strong noses.

General fic likes: When two characters are the last to figure out that they're dating, modern AUs that keep the fantastic elements of canon intact, sad endings that feel earned, works from the POV of a character who doesn't get a central role in canon.

General likes for both media: Human x ghost ships, D/s dynamics especially where the seemingly less intimidating character is the domme, works that seem light and fluffy until you notice something scary or tragic lurking underneath, happy endings for characters who had tragic endings in canon (including modern/reincarnation AUs).

Crimson Peak

For art, anything that showcases the incredible level of detail in the designs for this film would be lovely.

For fic, AU where the main romantic arc is Edith/Lucille instead of Edith/Thomas, either a sweet moment between them or full-blown gothic melodrama or both.

For either, anything post-film-- Edith's life and/or Lucille's afterlife, and if we matched on both characters, how those might intersect (gen or f/f, however, if you write shippy stuff that's not AU I want it to be realistically fraught and complicated and fucked-up).

Not interested in a focus on the male characters although if they appear in your work that's cool.

Carrie (1976)

I'm familiar with the book and both other film versions of this story, if you want to blend elements from different canons. Carrie/Sue is an OTP for me so I'd love it if you want to lean in that direction; gen or works about one or both of their relationships to Tommy are also welcome.

This film has a lot going for it visually so if you're an artist and you want to just... illustrate a shot/scene you like rather than doing something dramatically ~transformative~ that's cool.

Treats: Nice things happening to one or both girls, with or without the sense of impending disaster; Carrie lives AU a la 2002 Carrie; modern!AU where Sue takes Carrie to the prom herself instead of using Tommy as a proxy.

Tricks: Grown up Sue being haunted by Carrie, literally or metaphorically.

DNW: Grown up Sue with a husband/boyfriend/male partner.

Atomic Blonde

Art that works with the canon's incredible pink-neon-lighting colour scheme would be amazing.

I saw someone elsewhere prompt ghost!Delphine/Lorraine and I can't get that idea out of my head. AUs where she didn't die/faked her death also accepted, as well as works about either of their lives before the film.

Or, y'know, just write/draw porn. They're both gorgeous and we all know that's why we all saw this movie.

Young Wizards:

DNW: Romantic/sexual Dairine/Roshaun, sexual Nita/Kit

Carmela's chocolate empire is an obvious plot hook for a Hallowe'en YW story, but honestly any kind of Hallowe'en themed adventure for any of these kids would be fun to see. Is there an equivalent holiday on any of their non-Earthling friends' planets? What are they dressed as? What was the process of making/buying/choosing a costume like?

Original Work:

Here I just picked some prompts that looked interesting.

For the ghost characters: Who or where are they haunting and why? What will it take for them to move on, if anything? Did they believe in ghosts before they died? If they're haunting a specific person or family, can they communicate with that person? For the superhero specifically-- superheroes don't tend to stay dead for long. What happens to a ghost who has to haunt themselves?

For the sentient places: Something where the house/ship feels protective of its inhabitants and lashes out against what it perceives as a threat to them, or something sweet where a person learns to live with the quirks of their home's haunted nature and befriends it.

Loyal Knight: A ghost knight who swore an oath of fealty to a long-dead ruler haunting that ruler's descendent/reincarnation. Or a living knight in love with their ruler and trying to sort out their feelings from their duty. Would prefer female knights but willing to accept knights of all genders.

Monstrous Creation: For art, the more monstrous the better. For fic, exploring questions of what it means to be human/sentient/alive and what the creator-creation relationship is like. Bonus points for a scientist who tries to do right by their creation and raise it in a supportive environment. Scientists and monsters of all genders welcome.


Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot is my all-time ultimate tragic OT3 so honestly I will be happy to receive anything about any (and especially all) of these characters. If you want to go the fix-it route my heart will be happy, if you want to make me cry I will... Also be happy, while being sad.


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