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2011-06-13 09:00 pm

Meme via Lufwood


Pick ten books (prose novels work best; so pick no more than one play and one comic), and post your favourite line from each. (To make things more difficult, blank out any character names.)

Then it's everyone else's job to try and guess the title, the author, and the character speaking.

This is a pretty predictable list but whatever. )
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2010-09-06 07:58 pm

Hello, internet!

I am trying to get into the habit of posting more, instead of being like "Oh, you have nothing interesting to say, shut up until you have some pictures scanned or something, you useless boring human." Shut up, brain, this is not a helpful train of thought to have!

What have I been doing lately? Well, for one, Fan Expo happened and it was awesome. [ profile] chavamara bought me the Eggplant Batgirl figure! I convinced Lufwood to buy Xena comics! I bought a Toon-Timmy shirt and a Red Hood shirt, so I can be Even-Robins-tastic, which is totally a real word! And I finally got the missing pieces of Villains United, so now I have every Secret Six comic. So then uh, I reread the series straight through. (Of course I did.) And let me tell you, it caught my brain something terrible, as anyone who has talked to me in the last week or so has probably noticed! I feel like more people need to be reading this book. More people I know, I mean. And/or more people willing to create fanworks.

Not that I haven't done that; I think it's a result of my brain rebelling against working in childcare. I have several pages of various not-child-friendly-at-all Secret Six sketches in the back of my sketchbook, and I sort of started a ridiculous project along the lines of [ profile] amandeo's Tiny Secret Six combined with that All-Ages Watchmen thing that was floating around last year. It is fucking hard to translate Secret Six stories into hilariously kid-friendly versions, I don't know why I do these things to myself.

While looking for this year's Fan Expo pictures to post I instead found pics from last year. Which I don't think I ever posted. So I put them on my tumblr. (I have a tumblr now! This is Exciting News, okay, and you all care very much.) So if you want to see me be Sally Jupiter, that is the place to go! I will get this year's pictures off Lufwood uh, at some point soon, and hopefully not post them a year late this time.
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2010-05-25 10:16 am

SPWF 2010

Finally got around to getting the Steampunk Worlds Fair pictures off the camera and onto the computer. Most of the good pictures are on [ profile] lufwood_emilius's camera, though, I'll post or link to them when she gets them up, I guess.
Twenty or so photos )
(For more "Gwen Does Ridiculous Things And There Are Photographs" news, see here, where [ profile] colonize has uploaded the pictures from our Epic Playmobil Battle a few weeks ago.)
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2010-05-13 10:54 pm

Adventures, yesterday and tomorrow

Yesterday [ profile] colonize had the BEST ADVENTURE. My mom works at a daycare, so she has a membership at a local toystore, where we've been saving up points for basically the last twenty years. We cashed those points in for $75 in store credit, which for some reason you had to spend all in one go. .....So I now have $75 worth of Playmobil that I hadn't had before! Including Evil Mermaid Queen (who is for some reason making the 4chan logo face) and her Purple Barbarian Soldiers (seriously they were exactly the same colour as the Queen, it was sort of perfect). They were engaged in a bitter feud with King Culturally-Confused his champion, Sir Glowing Chainsaw-Gun-Lance, and their allies, Barbarians who carry enough weapons for their wolves to be armed too.

...I FUCKING LOVE PLAYMOBIL, THE END. (There is a point to buying these, I promise, there are Things that will come of it at some point. Possiblymaybe.)

ALSO! Yesterday NEW BIRDS OF PREY CAME OUT, have I mentioned that they are my FAVOURITE? I just. HOW SO AWESOME? Here, I'll just link to the last time I gushed about BoP. I'm tempted to do a page-by-page review at some point, inspired by [personal profile] nevermore999's Super Mega Batgirl Reviews.

But I can't do that now, or this weekend. Because! This weekend! My mom and [ profile] lufwood_emilius and I are going to the STEAMPUNK WORLD FAIR. WE LEAVE TOMORROW MORNING. THIS IS GONNA BE SO AWESOME :D. Expect pictures!