gwenfrankenstien: Cartoon version of Mattell's Frankie Stein doll, the teen daughter of Frankenstein's monster (cutesy monster dolls, frankie stein, gwen frankenstein, monster high)

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Birthdate:Jul 21
Hello. As you are reading this, I assume you want to know about me.
Everything you need to know about me can be found in my hair- it rarely makes sense, and isn't quite straight.
I am a fan of superheroes, most kinds of music, old horror movies, and silly putty.
I am a feminist, an Irish Republican, and an 19-year old girl. If you have problems with any of the three, don't talk to me.
I am also a chronic lurker. If you hang around, I might post some of my art, sometimes. Occasionally, I even write something.

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42, amanda f*cking palmer, androids, batgirl, batman, birds of prey, black 47, black canary, blackadder, cass cain, comic books, comics, crazy former superheroes, cunning use of threesomes, cyberpunk, danny elfman, darren nichols' artistic vision, david bowie, dc comics, deathstroke the terminator, dick grayson, discworld, douglas adams, ellen harvelle, elseworlds, even-numbered robins, fictional musicians, fishies, glam rock, good omens, green arrow, hard core logo, house, house/amber/wilson, irish politics, jason todd, lord vetinari, lovecraft, making fun of robespierre, monty python, multiple robins, neil gaiman, nice hair, nightwing, oingo boingo, pirates, plucky teen sidekicks, poe, potc, reading, robin, rocky horror, rousseau/robespierre, roy harper, runaways, sam vimes, sandman, shiny things, slash, slings and arrows, space cases, sparkly androids, splorangeade, stabby knives, stephanie brown, terry pratchett, the batfamily, the clash, the dresden dolls, the word squamous, tim burton, tim drake, trixie belden, twitch city, watchmen, wilson, wombats, young justice, zaphod beeblebrox
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