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Hi! Thank you for offering to vid one of my small/smallish fandoms! I'm sure I will love whatever you produce. I get migraines, so please avoid extremely quick strobe-y/flashing cuts. I prefer vids with lyrics (in English or French), but other than that whatever genre of music speaks to your vidding muse is good!


Cass is My Batgirl, forever and always. I love her absolute belief in redemption. I love her compassion and dedication. I love the visual appeal of this tiny girl taking down fighters twice her size. I enjoy how much of the series involves Babs and Bruce's conflicting ideas about co-parenting. I love her friendships with Steph and later with Brenda-the-tea-girl-in-Bludhaven (I ship both of these, but gen friendship vids would also be delightful!) Oracle and Rose Wilson are two of my all-time favourite DC characters, so if Cass's relationship with one or both of them fits into your vid concept that would be ideal. It's frankly up to you how much outside-her-own-series content to use, but I would prefer not to see evil OYL Cass or post-OYL drugged Cass. This is the exception to the 'lyrics I can understand' preference: a wordless Cass vid would, clearly, be absolutely character-appropriate.

Corner Gas:

The Great Canadian Sitcom! I love every single one of these weirdoes. Ensemble vid would be ideal, but if you have a favourite character/group of characters you want to focus on, I'm not going to complain! My personal favourites are Wanda, Oscar, and Davis. I enjoyed the movie for the most part, but I'm not into Brent/Lacey so I would prefer you not focus on that ship. Favourite episodes of mine: the one where Davis tasers himself; Karen and Hank's fishing trip; Oscar finds a pair of pants on the side of the road. Honestly even if you don't plan on vidding this show, if you haven't watched it I suggest you check it out because it is hilarious.


I was debating whether to request this but fuck it, I have basically listened to nothing else for three weeks at this point, I assume I am in this for the long haul. Given the limited amount of footage we have access to right now I'm not actually sure what a Hamilton vid would even look like but you are absolutely welcome to show me your vision. (A vid about the show (using behind the scenes/interview/ham4ham footage) would be equally welcome!) My favourite character is Eliza, the cast members I'm crushing hardest on are Daveed and Renee, my favourite songs are Burn, Satisfied, Dear Theodosia, and Washington On Your Side, except also my favourite is everything.


John Constantine was my first comic book crush, so in a very real way, the last 12 years of my life would be totally different without this series. 300 regular series issues is a hell of a lot of material for a vid so, if you would like help narrowing it down, my favourite writers are Ennis (minus Son of Man) and Carey and my favourite artists are David Lloyd and Leonardo Manco. The only runs I actively dislike and wouldn't want to see here are Azzarello and Milligan, though. If you would like to use out-of-his-series appearances, I am familiar with Swamp Thing and with the current series but not with Justice League Dark, the first new 52 series, or the TV show.


Honestly this Jem reboot is better than we all deserve. I love the characterisation, the designs, the colours.... Kimber/Stormer is obviously The OTP and Pizzazz is my favourite character but honestly at this point there is nobody I dislike, so if you want to do something with a different focus that's cool! Misfits or Holograms ensemble, a Jerrica vid, whatever you want! Using TV footage in addition to the comic is welcome/encouraged. I would prefer a female vocalist here.

1988 Olympics:

I have expended so much emotional energy on this sporting event that occurred two years before I was even born. There are seriously so many angles you could take here: Heated rivalries in two disciplines (Battle of the Brians/Battle of the Carmens); Liz Manley's surprise second place finish; the beginning of Katia and Sergei's ultimately-tragic fairy-tale romance.... As a Canadian, I would definitely appreciate a Team Canada vid (Kurt Browning and Wilson/McCall are some of my all time favourites, not to mention Brian Orser or Liz Manley). I also love Klimova/Ponomarenko and Midori Ito from this era. This youtube channel has most of the event.

Secret Six:

My #1 wish for this is a found-family ensemble vid with the core team. I love all these awful awful people so much. Apart from that/if you'd prefer something more focused, my favourite characters are Deadshot, Jeannette, Scandal, and Alice. I'm on board with pretty much any ships that aren't Scandal/dudes or Alice/adults, but I'm personally most interested in Deadshot/Catman, Scandal/Knockout, and Jeannette/Scandal. Using the pre-series minis and Birds of Prey crossover is encouraged; I would rather not see the new series however as I'm not following it. Visually, Nicola Scott is my favourite artist the team has had.


I would prefer a female vocalist for this one! Other than that, uh, just give me a Vic/Kat vid and make me cry (I cry very easily, this is not a particularly high benchmark). Favourite moments that I'd like to see vidded are the conversation with the teen girl fans and the stuff with them wearing eachother's clothes. If you're familiar with both and can find a way to make them into one coherent vid, I would love a Hard Core Logo crossover; Vic and Kat are in a lot of ways kind of an inverted Joe and Billy.
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