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No thanks: non/dub con; A/B/O; porn about characters under 18; stories where a person realises they're gay/bi/queer and freaks out.

Yes please: People wearing their partner's clothes; when the characters' friends all know/assume they're dating for ages before they figure it out themselves; art where the characters have notably different silhouettes and/or a pronounced height difference; strong inks and bold colours; muscular arms; D/s themes (in fandoms with adult characters); double-dates in fandoms where I've requested more than one ship.

Specific ship/fandom prompts (all totally optional! just some ideas I have!) are mostly copied and pasted from my signup with the exception of Space Battle Lunchtime, which I just finished reading. If that isn't what we matched on, I encourage you to read it anyway because it's honestly the best comic I've read in years and I am in love.

Arthurian Mythology: Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot: This is my all-time lifelong soul-destroying OT3. My major DNW is anything that downplays Guinevere's role or makes it seem like her men are only interested in her because they are sublimating desire for each other. Everyone loves everyone, thanks.

I'm happy with these characters in just about any genre or setting-- historical or fantasy is fine, modern au is also fine, space opera or whatever is also fine.

I'd be equally pleased to receive a fingers-in-ears fluffy happy ending or a work about the inevitability of a tragic end for these three.

Trixie Belden: Trixie Belden/Honey Wheeler: I'd like to see how these girls grew up, either modern AU or having them go to college in the 60s or 70s. I'd also be happy with canon-timeline cute first crush type stuff, or casefic, or, well, really anything. I love these girls and I'm so excited that someone who isn't me nominated them.

Super Hero Girls, various f/f pairings: Keep it PG + with a happy ending for this canon, please. Background appearances from your favourite obscurer DC characters welcome and appreciated! I'm pretty much giving you free reign here. I would rather not have characters angst about being gay/bi/into girls (although angsting about being into a SPECIFIC girl is fine, especially if it turns out both sides have been doing the same pining thinking the other one isn't interested). I don't have any specific ship prompts, sorry. I like what we've seen of their formalwear-- maybe write/draw me prom night at Super Hero High?

DCU: Babs/Dinah: Pre-Flashpoint canon please. I just miss my girls and I'd like to see more of them. Established-relationship domestic fluff; other people knowing they're a couple well before they figure it out themselves; porn that leans into the D/s + exhibitionist/voyeur aspects of their dynamic; Dixon-era casefic but romantic on purpose (not by accident like canon).

DCU: Cass/Rose: Pre-Flashpoint canon please; I've been trade-reading Deathstroke so I'm very behind on what Rose is up to these days. I'd love to see something where Rose still technically has a hit out on Cass but Cass still trusts her implicitly because she really does believe Rose is capable of change but Rose isn't used to being trusted; both of them working together to train/babysit/mentor Damian, Sin Lance, and/or Lian; a Black Bat/Nightwing teamup in the AU where Dick gave the Nightwing identity to Rose while he was Batman; sparring that leads to sex.

DCU: Cassie/Rose: Pre-Flashpoint canon please. Mutual 'there's no way someone as hot as her would be interested in ME' secret pining; Cassie trusting Rose and Rose being freaked out and not sure she deserves it; pretending to be Normal Teens On A Date and being very bad at it; Cassie's attempt at convincing Rose to join a new Titans team, especially in the AU where Dick gave the Nightwing identity to Rose. I headcanon Cassie as a trans girl (but you don't have to go with that if you don't want to). If you're drawing, I like Cassie with a stronger nose than she gets in canon.

DCU: Diana/Kate: I think a bi Diana who has mostly dated men since leaving home would be delighted to have a partner she can bring home to meet her family, and I'd love to see Kate see Themyscira; the two of them bonding over not really understanding [x culturally-Christian holiday] that their peers are celebrating, and sharing their own traditions with each other; porn, esp. with ~Amazon bondage games~

DCU: Grace/Anissa: Fluffy domesticity; Grace takes Anissa out dancing to the club she used to work at; art/fic that emphasises how big and buff Grace is; Grace's first big family dinner with the Pierces; Grace thinks she's teaching her Innocent Good Girl girlfriend about kink and learns that Anissa is a very inventive Domme.

DCU: Bruce/Harvey: Break my heart and make me cry. (It's not hard, I'm a Cancer, I cry at everything.) I like a Bruce and Harvey who were good friends/maybe more before everything happened (Is 'college roommates' BTAS canon? It's been so long since I've watched the show, I forget. I like it, if you want to run with that.) I don't like versions where Harvey was Always repressing violent alters and has been secretly killing people for years. It's my headcanon that Harvey knows that Bruce is Batman but Two-Face does not.

DCU: Bruce/John: This is one of those things that started as a joke and now I'm extremely serious about. I'm okay with pre-Flashpoint canon, 'Constantine: The Hellblazer' canon, the Injustice comic timeline (this is probably where they have the most canon interactions). "Punch me in the gut and I'll suck you off ;)" is Injustice canon but I think you can extrapolate this dynamic to whatever timeline you want:

DCU: Donna/Kory: Pre-Flashpoint canon please. I don't really have any specific story ideas for these two. I like them best in New Teen Titans and in Devin Grayson's Titans run, if you want a canon era to pin your work on. Something low-stakes like what they do on their downtime or something focusing more on their fashion industry work than on superheroics could be interesting. If you are writing an era where Dick and Kory are dating, I'd like her to have had the poly talk with him rather than infidelity or fic that pretends their relationship doesn't exist. Please pretend Terry Long doesn't exist, however. If you are drawing, I like Donna rounder and with a stronger nose than she gets in canon, and Kory with curly hair.

DCU: Boostle: Just! Let!! Them!! Be! Happy!!! Please!!! DC won't do this so we have to do it ourselves. Either set your fic pre-Infinite Crisis, or let Booster find a way to bring Ted back that won't break spacetime, but let them be happy and in love, they deserve it. If you are drawing, I like Ted to be rounder than your average superhero.

Space Battle Lunchtime: Peony/Neptunia: Post-series fluff where they share one another's favourite foods from their home culture, either by travelling to their respective home planets or cooking them for one another; porn where Neptunia's body is very different from a human body (and Peony is super into it); Neptunia does some fancy knife tricks and Peony thinks it's super hot and gets all flustered.

Crossover: Bumblebee/Wasp: I think these are two really compatible canons that I don't see crossed over much, and these two seem like the obvious choice of pairing. Maybe they have competing projects in a science fair? Maybe one gets stuck in the other's universe for a week or two and then they do the long-distance thing after? I dunno. I just love both of these girls and their character designs. As with the standalone Super Hero Girls request, I'd rather this stay at a PG rating.

Crossover: Nancy Drew/Trixie Belden: Something where they're at their canon ages where Trixie has an unrequited crush on this cool older girl who is a more established detective; or something where they're closer to the same age when they meet and initially are both suspicious of each other; art that leans into the illustration style of their respective covers (I'm thinking of yellow picture-cover Nancys and 'deluxe' Trixies)

Crossover: Nico Minoru/Lori Zechlin: I'm mostly thinking of artists here, to be perfectly honest (although 'Lori gets stranded in the Marvel Universe, antagonises various mystical characters, and the Runaways help her find her way home' is a pretty solid story hook!) I just think these two would be fun to draw! I like 'girlfriends sharing clothes' as a trope and these two are a pretty good fit for that, or write/draw me what happens when Lori takes Nico's powers. Or just let two weird goth witches go on a date.

Sue Snell/Miss Honey: I was specifically thinking of the version of Sue from 1999's Carrie 2 when I nominated this (although other older Sues are definitely acceptable! I'm familar with Carrie in... all forms, the book itself is my favourite). If you haven't seen it, it posits that Amy Irving's Sue grows up to be a high school guidance counsellor. So you have these two women who have devoted their adult lives to trying to help other kids get through the trauma that no-one was there to help THEM with, allowing themselves to be vulnerable and help one another. Also Sue step-parenting a happy healthy telekinetic girl is Everything I Need.


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