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I totally forgot to do a June Books Post! Fuck it, I will do a combined June/July or just give up on this project altogether.

BUT I have a new thing to forget to post! You know those "30 Days Of [Insert Topic Here]" memes that seem to be eating the internet? I have found a DC one! Expect ridiculous indecisiveness, because we all know I cannot pick just one favourite of anything.

Day One: Favourite Character

God, this depends on day of the week.

(Next question is "favourite villain", so I'm limiting myself to the good guys here. Well, the good guys and Jason.)

I love all Robins forever, but I suspect "Robin" is not a fair answer to the question. I could say Jason, and talk about death and anger and Gotham City class war and sharp-edged smiles and wavy-edged knives and doing what's right sometimes over what's good. I could say Steph, and talk about hope, and handmade costumes, and never, ever giving up. About how Project Girl Wonder stopped me from being That Fan who hates girly characters because she's afraid of femininity. About how you don't have to be the son of a billionaire to fight crime in Gotham, normal average girls can do it too.

Or I could talk about how Gotham Needs A Batgirl. I could talk about Cass and redemption and parental approval and being the most badass ninja assassin in a universe filled with badass ninja assassins and choosing to use those skills to help people and not (just) to be a living weapon. Heck, I could even talk about Misfit, about the kind of ridiculous amount I identified with her when she was introduced (because let's face it, we all know I would use the power of teleportation to stalk the Birds).

I could talk about Cissie King-Jones, and mothers and daughters, and knowing when to stop, when to cut her losses and do what felt right to her, and I could reference Gypsy more than strictly necessary. Or I could talk about Renee Montoya, and all the shit that life has thrown at her through the years, about how she survived the Quake and everything after and stayed righteous even when she didn't want to, how she did a dangerous job in a dangerous city and learned to become more dangerous.

But really, when the dust settles, I don't think anyone is surprised that I'm picking Barbara Gordon.

Oracle is the scariest person in the scariest city on earth, but compassion is one of her primary motivators. She's not got any special powers, unless you count a perfect memory as a superpower, but she went toe-to-toe with fucking Braniac and beat the damn thing. She doesn't take shit from anyone, not villains, not her partners, not strangers, not Batman. Not even Lois Lane. And she's not (always) the brooding loner you'd expect from a former Bat, she has an amazing support group of kickass women (and some men) who will do anything to help her, because they know she'd do the same.

I constantly tell people that Babs isn't the reason I want to do my MA in Library/Information Science, and it's only a little bit of a lie: I love organising books, hell, I compulsively organise books, the fact that that even is a possible career path makes me really happy. But it took me a long time to realise that's what I wanted to do with my life. Once I did, everything sort of clicked.

And you know what it was that made it all click? Birds of Prey, Of Like Minds. "Never bet against a former librarian." And just like that, we all knew Savant was going down. Mr. Terrific may be the Third Smartest Man In The World, but has anyone checked to see who's the smartest person? Because I know where my money is, in that competition, that's all I'm saying.

Day Two: Favourite Villain
Day Three: Favourite Team
Day Four: Favourite Family
Day Five: Favourite Civilian/Non-Masked Character
Day Six: Favourite Title
Day Seven: Favourite Writer
Day Eight: Favourite Artist
Day Nine: First Title You Were Hooked On
Day Ten: A Title You Wish You Could Bring Back
Day Eleven: Favourite Romance
Day Twelve: Favourite Friendship
Day Thirteen: Favourite Enmity/Rivalry
Day Fourteen: Favourite Legacy Character
Day Fifteen: Team-Up You'd Like To See
Day Sixteen: Favourite Live-Action Adaptation
Day Seventeen: Favourite Animated Adaptation
Day Eighteen: Favourite TV Episode
Day Nineteen: Favourite Game
Day Twenty: Favourite Fanwork
Day Twenty-One: Favourite Power
Day Twenty-Two: Favourite Costume
Day Twenty-Three: Favourite Weapon
Day Twenty-Four: Favourite Vehicle/Method Of Transportation
Day Twenty-Five: Favourite Crossover Event
Day Twenty-Six: Favourite Mini or OGN
Day Twenty-Seven: Favourite Elseworld
Day Twenty-Eight: Most Memorable Death
Day Twenty-Nine: Most Welcomed Retcon
Day Thirty: If I Could Undo Anything...

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Date: 2010-07-10 09:31 pm (UTC)
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*chinhands* So, basically, I would listen to you talk about DC forever.


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