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So uh today I was watching the Japanese Grand Prix and I realised that the world absolutely needs a DC figure skating AU. So then this happened.

Kara Kent is a cute all-American Kansas girl who positively flies across the ice. Her incredible talent and her youth combined have earned her the nickname “Kara Lipinski.” (In my head, this is hilarious.)

Barbara Gordon was America’s golden girl until the accident that put her in a wheelchair and ended her skating career forever. She has since reworked herself into one of the sport’s most renowned coaches, working with Olympic gold medalist Cassandra Cain and two time World Champion Dinah Lance.

Cassandra Cain was the skating world’s most astounding prodigy, having consistently placed first in every event she was in as a child. She suddenly disappeared at the age of ten and didn’t resurface until her first year on the Grand Prix circuit at the age of sixteen. She worked with coach and former American champion Barbara Gordon, winning the Olympic gold but placing bronze at the Worlds. Taking a year off to completely rework her technique under legendary coach Shiva Wu-San, Cassandra is now back on-form and repatching her working relationship with Barbara Gordon.

(I don’t remember who most of the reference photos were; this one, however, was clearly Mao Asada.)

After the loss of her partner Oliver Queen, it looked like pairs skater Dinah Lance would never compete again, until Coach Barbara Gordon helped her to find new direction as a solo skater. She has since won two world championships, in one case defeating reigning Olympic champion Cassandra Cain. It is rumoured that this victory was due to secret classes with the legendary Shiva Wu-San.

Richard “Dick” Grayson’s showy, fan-favourite routines can sometimes lead people to assume his technical work is not up to standard, but working with coach and choreographer Bruce Wayne has ensured that he never lets performance get in the way of a clean skate. His gymnastics background allows him to bend his body in ways other skaters can’t, and his signature quadruple axel has never been landed in competition by any other skater.

(As clearly as Cass was referenced from Mao, this was referenced from Johnny Weir.)

Dick Grayson’s proteges, Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown are the first ice dance team coached by Bruce Wayne. Stephanie, like Dick Grayson, primarily enjoys the performance aspect of skating, working the crowd as much as she can. Tim, on the other hand, is the silent type, picking up Stephanie’s slack in the technical department. While they are clearly two very different people with different styles and approaches to skating, they work together as if they share a brain.

Aaaand Dick and Donna.

I don’t have a clever backstory here, I just think they would be the world’s most adorable pairs team!

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Date: 2010-10-24 07:39 pm (UTC)
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Why do you always draw THE BEST AUs?


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